PHOTO: Today I Made the Worst Bread in the History of Ever, and Also Broke a Memory Card

Normally I pride myself on being a pretty good cook (with the exception of the great garlic incident of ’09).  I did battle with a bread machine today, however, and lost miserably. I would like to show you a picture of what the bread actually looked like, but my memory card seems to have been so utterly horrified of the state of the bread it was photographing that it reproachfully deleted them (but apparently found it within its graces to save this picture of my flour-y hand).  Instead, I will reveal a three telling facts:

  1. When the bread machine beeped at me to announce it was done, there was an ominous brownish liquid leaking from its bottom.
  2. Upon opening the bread machine, I had to weaponize two spatulas and a butter knife to even get to glimpse the inner pan it was baked in.
  3. The top of the bread sunk way down to the bottom of the crust, so that it resembled the cavernous features of a very grumpy old man.

I’m baffled. In the hopeful case that I salvage my memory card, I may have to come back and repost the photos so you, too, can experience the horror.


2 responses to “PHOTO: Today I Made the Worst Bread in the History of Ever, and Also Broke a Memory Card

  1. The challenger's rents

    HA – Little did you suspect the interior of the bread actually tasted fine!
    Victoria isn’t kidding about the state of my bread machine nor that her memory card had partial failure. I wonder whether or not the electronics are communicating with each other… Perhaps the bread machine didn’t want to be embarrassed by the photos and the camera came to an agreement. What will be the payoff in the end???

  2. Alex

    Ahh yes…I remember hearing about the garlic incident of ’09. I actually think you beat the bread machine. I mean when you think about it, you put your masterful concoction into the bread machine to duel it, and WON!

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