DRAW: Bear Car

Although it experienced decidedly short syndication, the comic Bear Car (owned by Mackey Comics) made a name for itself as a cult classic with a large section of rural youth in the early sixties. While the rest of the comic book industry was drowning in a deluge of  spandex clad superheroes, Bear Car made a name for itself as one of the few comics to star more bears than humans. The adventures of Grizzly Bear, Robo-Raccoon, Black Bear, Professor Bear, and Big Gay Guy dazzled the youth with its off the wall humor and scientifically accurate portrayal of bears. However, after only a two year run, Mackey Comics decided to pull Bear Car from publication. Some speculate that this was due to the low-readership in major metropolitan areas, while most credit it to the horrendously gruesome issue number 27, “The Un-Bearable Sunday School Rampage”.


2 responses to “DRAW: Bear Car

  1. didn’t the awful “Goldilocks and the Three Bears Scandle” also contribute to the downfall of the group? Why was she there? why was she tasting everyone’s porriage? why was she testing everyone’s beds? enquiring minds want to know!

  2. Helen

    Could this be adapted to a children’s book?? 🙂

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