PHOTO: Hello, Hello, Morning Yellow!

I woke up to another oppressively gray day today feeling defiant.  This morning, unlike other less exciting mornings, would involve the ceremonial first wear of new mittens (convertible ones so I can take photos out in the cold!!) AND a delicious Giant Pancake from the Grove Cafe.  Here I have to take a second to plug for the Grove, as they were so kind as to let me model-ize my food this morning.  Seriously.  Go there. (124 Main Street Ames, Iowa 50010.) It is mind-numbingly satisfying.

Anyway. My mittens were snuggling up so cutely to my pancake, I really had to take a picture of them together. Sadly, their relationship was short lived.  Sadly, that is, for them. My stomach is not so sad.


2 responses to “PHOTO: Hello, Hello, Morning Yellow!

  1. NC

    Cute story! LOVE the GROVE Cafe! (They don’t take credit cards though so bring cash or your checkbook.)

  2. Helen

    This very cool too! You and your “draw” partner in crime just keep showing us great stuff!

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