PHOTO: This thing stares at me EVERY MORNING

My mother has an abnormally creepy little statue that lives underneath the table in our front room.  This means that every morning when I come down the stairs it is waiting for me, creeping up at me with those beady little stone eyes.  Here, my mother is holding it, upping the creepy factor by about 20X (in my humble opinion.)


4 responses to “PHOTO: This thing stares at me EVERY MORNING

  1. Helen

    Oh I agree-that is creepy! I do beleive this is the creepy post day!

  2. Danielle M

    Would love to know where you bought this and more importantly why you bought this… and does he have a name?

  3. nc

    I love it. It was a gift. It is actually a planter or something with little pigtails. I think the pirate hat makes it a bit less creepy. Don’t want it named. That would give it life.

  4. That would weird me out too. Especially first thing in the morning.

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