DRAW: The Scarf/Penalty!

When the innocent are hated upon by bad people, he will be there.

When evil rears its ugly head, he will be there.

When duty calls, he will be there.

He is the Scarf.

He is Iowa City’s last hope.

————————–PENALTY POST————————–

I would like to thank my roommate for being a lovely model.


8 responses to “DRAW: The Scarf/Penalty!

  1. Will

    The Scarf looks like someone I know! But it’s probably just coincidence- plain old vanilla white bread Ben Mackey could never be someone as dashing as The Scarf!

    • Hah hah, your ideas do indeed illicit a good chuckle William! What a fanciful precedent! We all know that Ben Mackey is far too busy teaching high school choir to sustain any sort of secondary superhero life.

  2. Helen

    Both cool things you did today!

  3. NC

    Both are GRRRRREAT! Do you really have a long purple scarf? Will the Prom Kids have a new single “I Whip My Scarf Back and Forth?”

    • Indeed I do! Yet another souvenir from our adventures in New York! And alas, we were close to releasing a single with just such a name, but got tied up in legal battles with the Smith family…

  4. Dan

    I see it as a futuristic self portrait… Mackey as a hardened 35 year old out for vengeance right after he got laid off from his choir teacher job

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