DRAW: The Monster Yellow

“Yellow, pure bright lemon yellow is the most fatiguing color. Why? The answer comes from the physics of light and optics. More light is reflected by bright colors, resulting in excessive stimulation of the eyes. Therefore, yellow is an eye irritant. Babies cry more in yellow rooms, husbands and wives fight more in yellow kitchens, and opera singers throw more tantrums in yellow dressing rooms. Be careful how you use it. In practical application, do not paint the walls of a critical task environment yellow. Also, do not use yellow legal pads (but it will give you a jolt and temporarily wake your brain up), and do not use yellow as a background on your computer monitor.”

– J.L. Morton, http://www.colormatters.com


3 responses to “DRAW: The Monster Yellow

  1. Is it still safe to pee? LOL 🙂

  2. Helen

    Hmmmm…this looks like someone, but who????? Ronald Reagan, Elvis, a PbR member??????

  3. Alex Boeke

    I think you have some questionable science in this post.

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