MOVING PHOTO (COLLABORATION!): Sneak Preview of Something Silly!

Wednesday, as we mentioned before (and many of you are already happily aware of) was a snow day.  Instead of hiding inside all day with a cup of hot chocolate as planned, Ben, my roomie Chelsea, and I ventured out into the snow.  To put it simply, we danced around outside for two hours and video taped it.  Our intent was to make a crappy music video for this dumb techno song we found about being a polar bear.  That is in the works, but I present to you a SNEAK PEEK, which is not really a sneak peak but some raw footage of us doing MAGICAL THINGS with our wet snow clothes. It is HORRENDOUSLY compressed so I could put it on here!  And there’s no reason for it to be set to music, really, except to prevent boredom from you, possible viewer!

And yes.  Our music video will contain even MORE star wipes! (!!!!!!!)


4 responses to “MOVING PHOTO (COLLABORATION!): Sneak Preview of Something Silly!

  1. Renee

    Neighbor, this is schweet. 😀

  2. Dad

    This video is waaaaay cool!

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