DRAW: Painting In Progress

For my Painting 1 class, we’ve been assigned to paint a 12×12 painting each week. I’ve decided to do a superhero each week. Last week was Kick-Ass, this week is Hellboy, next week has yet to be decided… Perhaps someone from Watchmen, or maybe that new-age epic, Scott Pilgrim?

Only time shall tell!


5 responses to “DRAW: Painting In Progress

  1. c’mon, stop with the current lame bunch of heros and do the classics! The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Peacemaker, Justice Inc., T.H.U.N.D.E.R. agents….such a bunch of greats to choose from! 🙂

    • Uncle Dean, Uncle Dean…I’m afraid those moldy oldies just can’t compete with the heroes of today! I mean sure, they may have pioneered the way for modern comics books and set all sorts of iconic precedents in the graphic storytelling world…

      But who knows, maybe the phantom will make a special appearance… 😉

  2. Helen

    Man, Ben, this one is REALLY good!!!!!

  3. Kurt

    Simply awesome!

  4. Will

    This is AWESOME.

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