DRAW: Our Lard and Savor, Jesus Piest

Although today is a full work week after the official Pi(e) Day (3/14), my family and friends will honor today just like it is the Holiest of Holy Holidays. Already, I have baked an almond crust based Peach Pie, my father a Key Lime, my mother a Coconut and Chocolate Mint, my sister an Apple and Vegetable, and there’s word on the street that over at the Harding household a number of other pies of all sizes and flavors are underway. When all is said and done, the total pie count should be close to seventeen!

Yes, it is truly a blessed day of consumption.



2 responses to “DRAW: Our Lard and Savor, Jesus Piest

  1. Helen

    This is so creative! You should get some design award for this one!!!!

  2. Alex

    Oh Pi(e) Day…you are so delightful. Are you really nearly a year away? It’s quite a tragedy you only come once a year. But alas, it must be so or I would weigh 300 lbs.

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