DRAW: Show Me Your Smiles, Darlings!

Some profile sketches of the majors movers and shakers in my up-and-coming graphic novelization! So far I haven’t done a lot of concrete concept sketching for the characters in the book. I’ve drawn pictures of the Scarf, Coat, and King prior, but never really was shooting after a definite architecture to their face. Throughout the course of creating the rough draft of my comic, characters appearances have been in a substantial state of flux. Just now, as it nears its completion (the rought drafts mind you), do the charactres start to take on more coherent visages. This way the characters are able to be shaped and molded to fit the needs of the story. Depicted above is how the characters stand now, and the anchor point from which different artistic deviations stem from.


2 responses to “DRAW: Show Me Your Smiles, Darlings!

  1. Don’t forget to do the whole body, and do complete 3-way views for the people who will be doing the merchandising for your comic book line! gotta remember the merchandising! action figures, lunch boxes, etc, etc! 🙂

  2. Nice work! You’re a talented illustrator.

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