DRAW: Kombat: Of A Mortal Variety

My sister and I rented the new Mortal Kombat game for 360 yesterday. Harkening back to its roots, this new edition of the old school blood-n-guts fighter is a trip down memory lane. Ridikulous karacters with a wide range of powers, brutal new X-Ray attacks (they can get a little dull after awhile) and epik fatalities (with the reemergence of babalities no less!) take me back to the days of  spending countless hours in my my neighbor’s upstairs game room trying to see the fatalities for all the different karacters. Out of all the 3-Dimensional MK games that I have played, Mortal Kombat (2011) takes the cake for bringing back the feeling of the MK 1-3. With Mortal Kombat on the brain, I took some time today to recreate the fighters in my own style.


3 responses to “DRAW: Kombat: Of A Mortal Variety

  1. Helen

    I like the coloring/colors!

  2. Alex

    My favorite from the super old school Sega version was Sonja Blade. Mostly just because she could throw people via the handstand. They just never see it coming!

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