DRAW: Cover(?)


Some potential cover art for my upcoming graphic novel endeavor…

I would love to hear any and all comments and suggestions you might have!


12 responses to “DRAW: Cover(?)

  1. Helen

    I like it!
    Is The Scarf on a roof? What is the thing sticking up on the right hand side?

  2. Sweet! I feel like that font could use a little re-design razzamatazz, though 🙂
    (-your MORTAL ENEMY)

  3. Good Adivce

    The wording, scarf and color all give it a strong gay tone.

  4. very Frank MIller-ish, I like it. Is it going to be a multiple issue? is each issue going to feature a different main character on the cover? and yes, what is that to the right if the scarf, a parenthsis? and on the back cover, you need a word that will rhyme with town, crown, down for the third liine. Unless you want to change the last two lines to. “Now that I have you all as Thralls/ Your King commands that you get down on all fours and crawl” LOL.

    oh, and remember, even though you ask for comments and a critique – don’t mean you have to change a thing! 🙂

    • Hahaha, but of course!

      It is going to be multiple issues, three at the moment. As you postulated, each one would feature a different color and different character! I see those of the Mackey name think alike! One my friends also gave me the idea that when lined up next to one another, they could create one continuous image…so that might have to be in the works.

      Thanks for the ideas!

  5. If the scarf is on the building, that is probably a vent pipe.

    I do agree with with the back page wording needing a tweak. I think the Scarf should have “Won the Crown”. Get to wear isn’t strong enough. Also…. is The Scarf an S.O.B.? The last two lines seem to indicate that.

  6. Hey… Tell your competitor to start posting again! Even it the pix aren’t up to standards, I WANT TO SEE THE BATTLE!

  7. Thanks for the suggestions everybody! Looks like the point of most concern is the thing sticking off to the side of the Scarf and the quote. I intended it to be a number one, but it does seem to blend in to much to be discernible. The quote/poem will undergo some changing before being finalized.

    Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled! I plan on working out a number of cover possibilities for the book and would love your comments and suggestions yet again!

    • love the idea of the multiple covers combining, possibly make it 4 covers, and make it one large rectangle, 2 across, 2 down? you could even make as the centerpiece the king of the town divided into 4 sections. then of course, you can merchandise the poster to sell complete.

      perhaps the back could do the same? make all 4 quotes combine to create some sort of poem or something. Of course then you could market a second poster too… 🙂

      perhaps to keep the issue # easy to see, could the characters pose as the number in sequece? so scarf poses as #1, coat poses so he looks like a 2, etc, etc.. 🙂

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