DRAW: Interior Spaces

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: The rough drafts of my comic are officially complete!

They number fifty-six and currently reside in the memory banks of my laptop waiting to be inked. However, before all that inking business goes down, I am turning my attention to the interior pages that come before the actual comic itself (you know, the pages with titles, dedications, and all that official book mumbo-jumbo). Above is the page you will see when you first open up the comic. If all goes according to “schedule” viewing of said comic should be possible by the end of the summer!


2 responses to “DRAW: Interior Spaces

  1. Helen

    Whoo hoo!!!!!

  2. This is Awesome!
    Can’t wait to order a copy!

    On a side note…
    I hope you have a backup of all your digital work stored in a separate location!
    Hard drives have been known to fail without warning.

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