DRAW: The Green Lantern

My family and I celebrated a Faux-Father’s day today. Come tomorrow morning (the real day in which the rest of the country honors their respective fathers) I will be headed back to Iowa City once again. Our family will be torn asunder and thusly unable to engage in those activities that normally constitute a solid Dia de Padre: i.e video games, restaurant food, board games, movies (both home and theater), and an excellent amount of hanging around. However, today we were able to accomplish all of those things.

The movie we went to see today, as you have already guessed, was GREEN LANTERN!

(Those with a discerning eye might notice a startling similarity between this promotional poster for the movie and the above drawing!)


One response to “DRAW: The Green Lantern

  1. Helen

    Awesome colors on this one! Just a cool drawing too!

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