INDIA: Well, Almost

Almost, because I am loafing around in the chicago airport for 8 hours until my flight.  Extra Almost, because I can’t check my baggage in for a few more hours (Air India, apparently, has a check-in time) and am sitting on the floor watching a pair of pigtailed asian twins gleefully zip around the empty terminal on a luggage cart.  The older women with them, presumably their mother (s)? have been frantically packing and unpacking the same three suitcases for the past hour. And giggling.

While I sit in the corner and sleepily/skeptically creep on them like this:
The bummer-y part is that since I can’t check in yet, I can’t get to the golden-paved halls of the actual airport where they have, you know, food and stuff.  If those little girls gain an ounce more pep I might have to eat them.

One response to “INDIA: Well, Almost

  1. Mom

    OMG!!! What a bummer!

    I just got home late yesterday from New England so I will catch up on the rest of your posts.

    Love, MeMe

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