INDIA: Look Ma’ I’m alive!

Photographic Proof  That I am: Alive Alert Awake AND Enthusiastic.

WELCOME TO INDIA, ME.  This post is overwhelming me a bit. So much has happened in the last three days (+ a handful and a half of photo/footage) that I am at a loss of what to write.  I was hoping my first post could be witty/charming/eloquent/have a sweet photo plastered across it/alloftheabove.  What you will find in this post is the clustercuss cliffsnotes edition/ blob of photos. Hopefully I will be able to post a little edited video of clips that I’ve been taking around the last day or so.

PLANE RIDE:  Long. Nicest Plane I’ve ever been on. Lots of adorable Indian children running around (one 4 year old in particular that was going home to Hydrabad, India for the first time in his memory kept bawling from anticipation and crying INDIAAAAAAA!) Watched a lot of Hindi cinema on the plane. Became a minority. Lost a fellow traveler but found her in Bangalore.

ARRIVAL IN MYSORE: Very late/early. Slept for one hour before it was time to rise again.  Electrocuted computer/ self (mildly) from bad power adaptor. BUT THEN! Took a nap, revived my computer (thanks to the help of a handy fellow traveler/ my roommates surge protector), and explored the local city (Hebbal, within walking distance) a little.  SUDDENLY EVERYTHING WAS THE BEST EVER. And still pretty much is.

Sherry looking casual in a large field of red dirt lurking outside our dormatory.

We rode into the city today! Driving is a free for all.  But full of lots of badass old ladies riding motorbikes in Saris.

I have so many things to say. But I will not say any things, because I have to say some thing in this post to prove I made it here alive to my family.  Hopefully I will post something riveting and insightful soon!


8 responses to “INDIA: Look Ma’ I’m alive!

  1. congratulations, that u made it safely to India. I feel this blog has now become special to me, that someone whom i know (well not entirely) from www has come to stay in my country.

    wht shud i say more? enjoy ur stay and heartily wishes that you accumulate many happy moments to take with you back to your home.

  2. Helen

    Glad you made it there and you appear to be quite healthy and functioning nicely!

  3. INDIAAAAAA! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of your adventures!!

  4. Woo Hoo! Love the new duds and the braids. Can’t wait to see you in a Sari. So glad you are having a great time. I can’t wait to see more pix as you get rid of the jet lag and start exploring. Enjoy yourself and take us along for the ride!

  5. Thank you for posting! So glad to see you safe and sound. Looking forward to following your adventure. Best wishes!

  6. Roger Caron

    Enjoy every minute of this adventure and be safe!.
    Just don’t eat food that is soaking in oil or you will be sorry!
    Love you

  7. Mom

    Yeah! You made it safely.

    All looks exciting and interesting.

    I love the badass old ladies on motorbikes with Saris. Please take a picture of them for your MeMe!

    Love you!!!!

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