IOWA: A Multitude of Milipedes

With lungs full of fresh forest air (peppered with a just a hint of wood smoke), I feel perfectly equipped to pen this blog post…

Despite my best attempts to be an up-and-at-um morning man, most of my summer days have started off in a quasi-lucid morning funk. I have turned to coffee a few times in an attempt to cure these morning dull-drums, but that usually results in excessive jitteriness that peaks in the mid afternoon and slowly slides into a lackadaisical calm come supper time. This morning was a decided deviation from the flow of typical mornings. No morning grogginess, just the rousing calls of birds and tickling crawl of millipedes.

What started as a ramshackle tent set up, a failing fire start, and spook filled night turned into a truly delightful morning. Instead of waking up to the polyphonic rings of Samsung’s “Radetzky March”, I was pulled from the world of dreams by the gentle pitter patter of rain. Instead of our resident apartment cat (Christmas Bow Pottawattamie Jerkins) leaping onto my bed, I awoke to find a friendly little spider making a home in the pajama pants that I had come to call a pillow. Instead of bedding down in a bed for one, I lay next to three of my good friends, each of us tightly cocooned in our respective sleeping bags. Instead of a well-rounded breakfast of oatmeal, milk and cereal, or a couple of hard boiled eggs I washed down superstore trail mix and donuts with a couple gulps of nuclear orange Hawaiian Punch. What a hearty dose of juxtapositions camping entails!

This uncharacteristic camping trip has made me realize I don’t get enough nature in my life these days. Walking to class helps put on the airs of convening with mother nature on a daily basis, but usually my mind is too busy with scholarly thoughts or tangential ideas that I forget to take a look at the flora and fauna around me. I want to venture out into the woods, get overwhelmed by the beauty of nature (subsequently become lost), and spend a number of hard fought days of working my way back to civilization.

This morning reminded me of how amazing it is to wake up outside.

Catch the next blog post to discover the wonderful world of: Ben Mackey, Ice Cream Scooper!


2 responses to “IOWA: A Multitude of Milipedes

  1. Love it Ben! Great story of late summer camping in the woods.

  2. I just love this picture!!!!

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