First: I am very pleased to be able to sum up my experience with one of my favorite (though overused) words to edge into papers.

India is wonderfully, overwhelmingly, dichotomous.  Everything is a contradiction.

We look pretty contradictory waltzing around with our blonde hair and wannabe salwaars, too, though I think Nina (above) is looking pretty sassy.  The man below resides in a the neighboring town, and gave me his permission to photograph him.

Some of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen squat next to sorry little shacks made out of sticks.  All at once the air will smell spicy-delicious and rubber-burnt. Places at the peak of ‘urbanization’ are still overrun with rare looking plants and little monkeys (like the one in my previous post) tromping about and demanding snacks.

That being said, I want you to don’t get the wrong idea about India.  It would seem that many photographers come back from India with “amazing” pictures of children begging, people on the point of starvation, religious figures dressed up in bizarre clothing performing exotic looking dances. There are all of these things here, but… that’s not really an accurate depiction at all (and, just because there’s someone looking sad in your photo, doesn’t mean it’s good!)  There are so many amazing people here who are very comfortable in their way of life. Indian culture is vibrant and lovely. Sometimes people just don’t feel like whipping out a toothy grin in photographs 🙂


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  1. wow,

    thats pretty much sum up everything.


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