INDIA: Creeptoria: Animal Edition

According to a few painted warning signs in the forest we visited today, my advances easily could have been met with less social grace. 

This week, we were also visited by India’s most bodacious herpetologist (he’s a cool snake guy) Snake Shyam! I regrettably forgot my camera, but this photo (nabbed from an Indian newspaper) pretty much sums up his snake wielding, ring hoarding, bandana sporting savvy.

(Also, you can just google him.  Turns out he’s kind of a big deal in the snake world.) 

 Turns out peacocks are a major predator of snakes! I’ve never seen wild peacocks before, but they are fairly common in India.

dayum girl! (or boy, actually since males are the more colorful, prissy birds.)

AND, to top it all off! MONKEYS! I will have an entire post soon devoted to monkeys.  But for now, here are two new little guys today!


4 responses to “INDIA: Creeptoria: Animal Edition

  1. These are awesome! Thanks for posting. Please tell Ramblin Kat that I am enjoying her blog too!

  2. Mom

    Wow! I love the picture of you with the elephant. What a pretty red top you have on, so colorful. Of course, the snakes creep me out. The monkeys are really cute. I’ve never seen such a bright colored peacock!

    Georgeous pics! Love it.



  3. Mom

    That is very interesting to know.


  4. Very cool pictures! You must be having quite the wonderful time!

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