INDIA: A Clip Off the Ol’ Block

I have rather messily compiled all (most of) my clips from the first week!  I originally planned in making a sort of… video diary! But in lieu of classes/other busyness I glommed my footage together to the tune of some Mridangam (+ tabla) drumming, which is the kind of drumming I’ll be studying as an elective here!!  I thought mom, dad, and the other kin crew would want to see the footage, masterfully compiled or not!  It will also be good practice for the second part of the program (Independent Project) where I may be throwing myself into the dark and attempting to make a baby documentary! DISCLAMER fo’ baby lovers: It will not be about babies, I just mean because it will probably be small and new (since I have ZERO documentary experience. But I figure, what better way to learn than to try?) and it might bite you if you look suspicious.

Also, IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING! Hebbal is a tiny town within Mysore that is just up the road.  It’s within walking distance, unlike the city center of Mysore which requires a rollicking ride in an autorickshaw (there’s a clip from inside one!). Also, the last clip, though not labeled, was from an after- monsoon rain that accosted us on our walk back from a shadow puppet performance of the Ramayana. Mr. Pocket Camera is indeed waterproof! Test passed, buddy.


3 responses to “INDIA: A Clip Off the Ol’ Block

  1. Mom

    Enjoy hearing from you and seeing the photos.

    Love, MeMe

  2. Top Chef

    Tell your lover in America that I need more IOWA updates!

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