INDIA: This is Not a Post

If I were writing a blog post to you today I could entitle it a number of odd things. such as:

Fat Wrist: A Introspective look on the opposing circumferences of objects, (namely my wrist and a bangle that is now stuck on my arm after leaving little red track marks all over my hand)

How I let a British Man Cradle my Head while an Indian women Pokes my Butt: an Experimental Relaxation Story

The Physics of Sound (mind): An Exploration of Sounds Made by the Body Hurtling at high Speeds Toward Their Yoga Mat Due To General Wimpiness ( Also known as the wrath of Yogi, you KNOW it’s business time when he breaks out his attitude: high society v-neck)

In case you were concerned, the british man/bum-prodding Indian women were part of a large group of people visiting the institute who are learning the practice of craniosacral therapy, which apparently is a thing.  The just poke at your spine and it makes your back feel nice! YEAH!

BUT! I’m not really writing a blog post, I’m just posting to tell you I caved and bought a jar of Nutella.  But haven’t opened it yet.

And to show you these boredom-induced portraits of my fellow travelers Laura and Jake!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One response to “INDIA: This is Not a Post

  1. Mom

    There is nothing like Nutella when you are travelling. It was our favorite treat in Greece!

    Love, MeMe

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