INDIA: Week Two! (Or, More Quick Clips that Curate Curiosity)

Today I finally tackled some of my footage I’ve been collecting over the past week or so! Thought I should throw it together before it got too late… Photos to come soon.

The song, OM NASHI ME, apparently means ‘infinite nakedness’ in Sanskrit. Weird, bro. But also: neat!

The farm pictured is nearly a ‘zero farming’ entity, meaning that very little human interference is needed for producing sweet amounts of crops!  Instead of applying yucky pesticides/weedicides, they allow for the growth of “weeds” that provide the soil with elements it needs! For instance, the fainting plant, a “weed,” gives the soil essential nitrates that it needs. Worms and other bugs aerate the soil naturally, and the plants grow where the seeds fall.

Also, kids are awesome.  The Tribal School we visited was so SO aMAZING.  I will have to say more about that when my brain starts putting thoughts together in some sort of coherent pattern (today was the Ganesha festival, and this girl is tuckered out! Sleeptoria’s comin’ to town…)


6 responses to “INDIA: Week Two! (Or, More Quick Clips that Curate Curiosity)

  1. The footage of Joseph strobe lightin’ it up looks like he’s doing something…inappropriate.

  2. Helen

    Cool video! I love the kids and the round boat! You need to have someone film you sometime for at least a little bit!!!!

  3. Renee

    Love love love the song 🙂 The kids are adorable!

  4. Top Chef

    Your profile pic scared me

  5. I tear up everytime I watch your India videos. I am so happy for you.

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