INDIA: Tangerine Dream Team

I am writing this post as a positive procrastination technique for the two 10 page papers due come tuesday! I figure doing this is at least more productive than looking at pictures of kittens wearing hats. Speaking of which, special edition kitten pal post coming soon! Made a new kitten friend that lives in a box outside of our school.

BUT: more pertinently, yesterday we visited a Ram Krishna ahsram.  It’s a combo mega attack spirtual/education facility/hostel/all around nice person place! It was beautiful.  There were a lot of smile-y people in robes and a orange things!


8 responses to “INDIA: Tangerine Dream Team

  1. Mom

    Love these pics! So cool. MeMe

  2. Yay for posting! Good luck getting your papers done.

  3. Is that you in the doorway of the bakery? It looks a bit like you, but you never wear a watch so I thought probably no.

  4. Very nice pictures! I am guessing yes, it is Victoria in the bakery shot!

  5. Victoria! All of these photos are gosh darn beautiful, it makes me really inspired to post something too! 😀

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