INDIA: New Post Coming Soon

I say this every post: but. This time I mean it! In the mean time here are some photographz from our north Karnataka Tour




93 responses to “INDIA: New Post Coming Soon

  1. Mom

    What a great opportunity! You will remember this forever. God love you. MeMe

  2. What great photos. Wow, have a wonderful time!

  3. Roger Caron

    I am so glad you are seeing a different India than what I have!

  4. Excellent photos! Thanks for sharing them with us! Miss you tons but so thrilled you are having a wonderful experience. Mom

  5. Beautiful photos as always! I especially like the first one, seeing as I finally know what a kõlaḿ is and does!

  6. there’s a piece of my heart overthere….. great photos, my favorite is the last one

  7. Red Toenails

    Great job. I love the fact that your Mom posts to your blog! I can’t get my mom near a computer!
    Love your work.


  8. India’s colors just seem so much brighter than the rest of the world haha. Nicely captured.

  9. Gorgeous photos! Are you from Iowa originally?

  10. OOh my!! awesome pictures!! They are so beautiful.. 🙂

  11. Beautiful colors and photos
    Thank you

  12. The colours found in India are so beautiful.

  13. Incredibly intense colours – many thanks for posting, v enjoyable

  14. Elizabeth

    the colors are great!!

  15. Even with the white buildings it’s very colorful.

  16. I really love that last photo, the colours are stunning.

  17. Survivor Strategy

    This is outright disgusting. India is NOT some kind of color palette whose nuances you want to capture on your camera without paying ZERO attention to where those colors are coming from. Why should you care if the serene purple saree that poor woman is wearing is probably the ONLY saree she owns as long as YOUR smug and self-righteous wordpress page gets a bazillion hits, right? WRONG. THIS IS OUTRIGHT DISGUSTINGA ND CHEAP ON YOUR PART. No Indian will appreciate this and those who do appreciate this are outsiders who have no idea they’re seeing beauty in miseries that a picture doesn’t have the capacity to capture. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you are a genuine person wanting to capture good photography then believe me, Karnataka is one state that offers you the best of nature in all of southern India (Western Ghats, Mangalore, Mysore, Udupi, Yana etc etc). But I know you wouldnt tak emy advise and explore nature. You rather sit infront of an underpriviliged woman forcing her to smile infront of your cam just ‘cos theres better color all around her.

    • Well, believe or not, I actually appreciate this point of view! If you read an earlier post on my blog you’ll see I share a similar sentiment. I do have a problem with people taking advantage of underprivileged citizens for the sake of their photography looking more ‘gritty’ or ‘real’ or something.The smiling woman’s name is Divya, she was laughing, and I have her full permission (I spoke to her in the little Kannada that I know) in taking and using her photograph. I am spending my final month here making a documentary with local herpetologists about snakes and environmental protection in India, so I’m sure you will see more of the gorgeous Karnataka wildlife there, if you wish. The program that I’m studying (the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement) with does a lot of work with displaced tribal children, sustainable solutions for hospitals in low income areas, women suffering domestic abuse, waste management, and the current struggle against corruption blazing through India right now, so I promise I’m not just a tourist forcing poor women to smile on the streets. Please be careful where and in what way you place your energy!

      • I think Survivor Strategy woke up on the wrong side of the bed and needs a good cup of coffee.

        Love the photos. I lived in Bangladesh for four years and took some black and whites (before digital) of people at the train station. It’s a nice contrast for me to see yours in color. Very well done and thanks for sharing.

      • Survivor Strategy

        @ All the concerned people of wordpress throwing gratuitous comments around: No I did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed and no I don’t need caffeine ..

        @365faceoff: Thanks for the very composed and calm come-back I was expecting a behemoth backlash. But yes, I admit my words came off rather indignantly. It really disturbs me when people take pictures such as this because some people very close to my heart actually LIVE in houses that resemble the one in your pic, and believe me none of them like being photographed. But this is just my experience and hence I built up that hate comment presuming you were just another smugman walking around with a fancy SLR not knowing where to draw the line. I was wrong and I’m sorry. But I continue to maintain what I said earlier, there’s definitely more to my state and my country than the slums and poverty and all else that comes with it! Also, it’s O. K to photograph the sky carpers of Mumbai once in a while instead of the homeless kids that run along the beaches. Not that the kids mind, but it’s just not cool!

      • @Survivor, That’s a nice reply. ^_^

    • When I was in Peace Corps decades ago and living in a remote hamlet, the UN defined a rich person as someone with a house to live in, electricity and a clean water source. So the woman in the photo looks at least moderately well off from this perspective. Certainly she is better off than most of the people in the African hamlet I lived in.

  18. Beautiful Photos. And to the above blogger, I don’t think you can make judgments on someone because of the photos they take… how would you know what interaction they held with each participant in the photo. From my experience in India, most people love having their photo taken and then being able to see it. Provided you ask if it is ok, I do not see a problem.

  19. Fantastic colors, really love how you captured the mood of the country 🙂

  20. brookerockholmphotography

    Really cool colors!

  21. I love that first photo! What an incredible smile to have in such humble (by Western standards) surroundings…beautiful! 🙂

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  22. Mr K

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Good post!!!

  23. Your photos are really really amazing,
    So colourful and full of expression

  24. Hi there! Congratulations on being freshly pressed. A well deserved status judging by your lovely photographs! I love India, and it’s always amazing to see how different corners of this vast country offer such different perspectives. Hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my Rajastan views with you.

    Looking forwards to seeing more of your photography!

    Vibeke – a fellow photographer

  25. Nice photos. I will travel to India myself later this year. I will see how it compares to my hometown as well as my current city: Paris.

  26. Gorgeous photographs! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  27. Carlie Chew

    Beautiful photos! I love all three, but I really like the perspective in the second image.

  28. I agree with Charlie. The second photo looks like a cubist painting disguised as a residential area.


  29. A couple of nice pictures. I was in Karnataka for 3 months last year, it was amazing, and I cannot stop recommending south india to my friends and family!

    The over-reacting commenter is overly harsh, just ignore them. Travelling is obviously not just about snapping photo’s and moving on, but you have to travel to a place to discover it, and taking photo’s is one of the best things we can do when we get there.

    Will keep an eye out for your impending post! 😛

  30. Nice pictures 🙂 But why are them so much vignetted?

  31. These are wonderful! I LOVE the third one!!

  32. Very beautiful pictures. I’m sure India is a feast for any photographer, photo-wise! But one question: don’t you have more pics? 🙂

  33. Beautiful pictures! The colors are very pretty!

  34. Design Style Daily

    I love the color!

  35. lutfihilfan

    I wanted to say something different, but you do have nice colors on your photos 🙂
    Hope to see the new post soon.

  36. your photos above, like life …from afar things seem fine, upon further inspection, reality is not so beautiful
    Stunning photos

  37. fabulous photos! the colours and the simplicity – inspiring!

  38. Awseome and thanks for the great job of splashing the colors of India 🙂
    Welcome to Karnataka. My best wishes to you for taking your creative expression to a whole new level.

  39. Hi

    Lovely Pics.Hope you enjoyed your stay.

  40. la-vandala-abusiva

    I love the pictures and the colours!

  41. How I am loving India! I just found this charming video about Diwali. If you like India it’s a MUST.

  42. Very good photos, thank you for the share!

  43. holywavesblog

    Hi, I am from Karnataka, you have captured well, kudos.

  44. You know, I would agree with what Survivor said, but not quite so vehemently.

    I’ve lived in Karnataka for a good whole six years, and yes, there’s all this poverty. But that’s just one side of the coin. If I’m not mistaken, there’s poverty everywhere. t’s bit something quite escapable.

    What I hate is people coming for ‘poverty tourism’ and ‘glorifying’ that there are so many poor people living. It’s just that I wish people would look at more than what’s on the outside.I guess what frustrates me is that people dn’t see beyond what is stereotyped as ‘Indian’.

    But yes, Karnataka is a beautiful place and I look forward to more pictures. Have fun in India.

    • I totally agree! Once again, please look back at some older posts (I think I address this in my very first post since coming to india) and that this is in no way relevant to my style of photography. It’s funny that the assumption is made that this woman is living in abject poverty, because she had a small but very clean home and two healthy looking children. I actually adamantly oppose exploiting slum areas, especially the abominable ‘slum tours’ that are run in Mumbai.

      • Oh yes! I plan to. Your blog is quite interesting and I shall read it over time. Iowa sounds fun too!

        Also, it’s awesome that you went around India. I’ve never been anywhere higher than Hyderabad, so all I know of those places are the pictures.

        “It’s funny that the assumption is made that this woman is living in abject poverty, because she had a small but very clean home and two healthy looking children. ” You have no idea how much I respect that. Because growing up here, this whole mentality has seeped in and I just end up thinking that way. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve tried to stop being overly judgmental. So, thank you for pointing it out. Much appreciated. I see my mind has a lot more work to do.

  45. trickspencer

    lovely! reminds me of how much i dream of oing to India =)

  46. May I ask what kind of camera and lens do you use? 🙂

  47. Great post .
    Thanks for sharing!

  48. Simply stunning – when I lived in India I only made it around Rajasthan and Delhi. I wish I had seen more of the country!

  49. Wow, such simplistic beauty 🙂

  50. please try to have some festivals clicks also

  51. kirstenrosefrancisphotography

    These are such awesome photos!

  52. Awesome photos! I’m half Indian, so anything that’s Indian speaks to me. Thanks for sharing! Cheers.

  53. Wow- you got some really harsh criticism for this. However, beautiful pictures. I Enjoyed reading your blog!

  54. webideasnow

    Nice blog, love to watch again and again.

    Comment by

  55. energizeyourlifetime

    I have to say you made me think about some of the things you have to say here – which is a good thing. I’ll certainly be paying you future visits and see what other words of wisdom you have added to your site. Thank’s for a good read!

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  57. Jona Bering | Backpacking with a Book

    Wow! Wish I could experience India someday!

  58. looking forward to seeing your full post with all the wonderful colours of India

  59. EKG

    well, the last photo is just stunning one.

  60. lesbienshop1

    wow, I love your pictures,very interest
    Lovely Pics.Hope you enjoyed your stay.

  61. We would love to post the first one at toemail if you do not mind?

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