IOWA: The Zombie Essay

In my Intro to Creative Nonfiction class we have been working with the personal essay and the multitude of forms that it can assume. We’ve read a number of sample readings ranging from just outside the normal to a tad more experimental. Our latest assignment was to create a small piece of personal writing based off one of the readings we had done over the weekend. Having read one entitled Zombie (written by Joyce Carol Oates), I was inspired to create a far more literal essay based around the concept of a zombie:

Basically my thinking went like this:

What would happen if at the tender age of five you were bitten by a zombie, but your life carried on exactly as it did, (save for the fact you were now a necrotic piece of flesh). None of your wounds would heal and your cells would not repair themselves. You would be left a walking billboard showcasing all the physical harm that had come your way throughout your life! Your entire body would be one big story!

Or better yet…a personal essay.


3 responses to “IOWA: The Zombie Essay

  1. I love this! I am thinking this will be a VERY original essay!!!!! Good work!

  2. Definitely original. and I like it!

    I do have one big question though.
    Why isn’t the zombie little?

    If your cells stopped regenerating at age 5, you wouldn’t be growing anymore. I don’t imagine you were 6 ft tall when you were 5.


  3. HEy IOWA, when is your next post? We wanna see some new art!!!

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