INDIA: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Upper Respiratory Infections

And also eat an entire jar of peanut butter with their fingers! Gross home-food cravings don’t happen often (I LOVE Indian food!) but when they do, they come with a vengeance.  Chips and nutella have already been outlawed as failsnack choices, and I’m pretty sure peanut butter just made the no-no list.

I finally went to the doctor this week! And low and behold, I’ve caught the black lung, pop. I’m alright though, a heavy dose of sketchy Indian antibiotics and I’m already feeling as good as new (don’t worry mom, they’re not really that sketchy. I did get some funky ayurvedic mint balm equivalent of vick’s vapor rub though. That makes me feel a bit too healthy for my own good, I think.)

Okay, so I don’t have the black lung.  But I do have an upper respiratory infection.  And bronchitis.  Aaaaand laryngitis.

But really, things aren’t so bad.  I’m feeling a lot better and quite productive! TIME TO KICK THESE PAPERS’ RESPECTIVE REARS!

I’m sitting at just about halfway-done for both of my 10 page papers and taking a little brain break. Before I go to sleep tonight, paper-y justice WILL be served.  I had a Kannada exam this morning, turned in my millionth and FINAL draft of my project proposal for the last month of the trip yesterday evening (more on that soon) have my final drum lesson tomorrow as well as an oral language exam, and leave for Goa/traveling TOMORROW EVENING.  I’m really hoping that the free time traveling will finally give me the breathing room to play with my camera a bit.  We’ve been horrendously busy, and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for cameratoria to play with her microphone/flash.  Hopefully I’ll have some sweeet things to post soon.

So, I’m leaving a quick update before I get sucked back into academia! And I will leave you with a fun picture or two, just for good measure.


8 responses to “INDIA: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Upper Respiratory Infections

  1. So glad that you don’t really have black lung – and that you are feeling better!
    Probably shouldn’t scare your grandparents by calling your meds “sketchy”!!!!
    Remember your Pappy spend a lot of time in India back in the 1970’s and it really was sketchy then.

    Can’t wait for your next post – and for Ben’s!

  2. Mom

    Your grandparents are scared! Yikes!!! Wait until Pappy sees this!

    Love you. Take care my sweety girl. Love, MeMe

    • ha, don’t worry! I really am just joking. they’re not really “sketchy” at all. I looked them all up and they are all very legitimate antibiotics/antihistamines, they’re just called different things here 🙂 the doctor I went to visit was very good, actually! Dr. Rao, our program director/ the former archeological director for all of india recommended me to his personal physician and he was very nice and thorough. For all it’s flaws, the health care system here is pretty nifty cost-wise. A visit to a good doctor only costs about 3 U.S. dollars, and medication about the same (even though the drugs are made by the same pharmaceutical companies as in the U.S. , the prices are much more reasonable here). And actually the medication is working wonderfully. I only have to take it for five days and on the second day I already feel miles better. I think I actually had the upper respiratory infection before I came without realizing it (which would explain the ear pressure I had when I was landing here) because the doctor said it looked like I’d had that for quite some time! But I’m feeling pretty well now, and ready to travel 🙂

      • YAY! When you were little, I knew if you complained about anything healthwise that meant you had something that needed a doctor’s attention. Now that you are an adult, it is up to you to remember that you have an extremely high pain tolerance – just like both your biological grandfathers. Mom

  3. Alex

    Hope you are back to cameratoria soon! No fun being sick when there’s fun things to do!

  4. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Wonderful photographs — you have lots of atlent, keep it up!

  5. YEs. You make me laugh! You see coincidentally I’m from Iowa AND I spent five months in India. I relate a little too well to the cravings so intense your fingers become little peanut butter monsters. And the network of sicknesses that are among the must-try india experiences. Anyways your pictures are Awe – full (I never understood why something full of awe receives the negative connotation of awful, So I’m using it in the way I think it’s appropriate). Tut tut, much ENjoyed!

  6. I love the colors of the photos!

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