Ok, so I feel a little sad inside whenever I don’t have a groan-worthy title for my blog posts.  But: I do have some pretty pictures from Goa, India to show you (as well as some other neat-o ones coming soon from the rest of my month of travels.) I didn’t go as far north as some of my comrades did, as I chose to travel solely by train and bus over airplanes.  But my route was essentially Mysore-Mangalore-South Goa-South Mumbai-Udaipur-Johdpur- Jaisalmur- Jaipur (I spent the most time in Goa and Rajasthan, which is where Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisulmur where) and then back down through  Ahmedabad to north Mumbai, North Goa, Bangalore, and eventually Mysore.  I’ll say more on this when I’m back safe and sound (don’t worry mom/dad/grandparents, it will be soon!) But in the meantime here’s the glorious goa-tion ocean!


7 responses to “INDIA: GO GO GOA-ING

  1. I love the blog! The black and white one in this post is amazing!

  2. I second the middle one, just beautiful!

  3. Your quality photo drew me in–not the title! Nice photo reflections.

  4. Roger Caron

    I wish I was there with you. I have been to Goa many times. It is a beautiful place.
    Can’t wait to see you this Chistmas.

  5. Jacqueline Caron

    Absolutely awesome. So serene and breathtaking. Love, MeMe

  6. Such great photography!
    I wish I was able to capture places I travel too in the same way you do!
    And good on you for choosing to travel by bus and train instead of air!
    Great for the environment and you get a better feel to a place that way.

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