INDIA: Stranger Ranger Vs. Mumbai Men

I thought I would change it up a bit from the scenic beaches of Goa to some strangers I photographed in Mumbai/Bombay.  I’m trying to get braver with approaching/ taking photographs of people I don’t know.  It’s even more intimidating here trying to ask in my feeble Hindi skills (Kannada, the language of Karnataka, is of little use up north) let alone get permission to put them on the internet. I like to pretend that I’m some kind of photo sneaking superhero documenting the lives of the people, the STRANGER RANGER! But mostly it’s just me trying having nice conversations with people until their comfortable enough for me to take a natural-ish photo of them, though sometimes they just run away laughing.

I think my cape and spandex unitard might have thrown them off.

Okay, so I was actually just wearing leggings and a tshirt. To my credit, with my ghostly pale skin and (often misplaced) unbridled enthusiasm I could be dressed like Ziggy Stardust and I would probably get the same amount of stares. But, amidst the disdainful looks and negatively affirming head wobbling, some people are genuinely really receptive to having their photo taken! Here are three such men from Mumbai. Above is a man who sold me a banana, A friendly mustachioed stranger on the street who stopped to help when I looked lost, and a travel agent who booked me a terribly overpriced bus ticket (which was, sadly, necessary when my train ticket got canceled at the last second!)

I will try to post more frequently until I am caught up on posts, as I’m so behind!


11 responses to “INDIA: Stranger Ranger Vs. Mumbai Men

  1. Jacqueline Caron

    Oooooo a little bit scary. MeMe

  2. vanessa

    these are awesome.

  3. Mary

    i would definitely date that fruit vendor.

  4. Fantastic… love your blog 🙂

  5. Wow, Fruitstandman pic is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Oh, & I love your blog’s name!

  6. madisoncary

    gorgeous photos!

  7. melissakoski

    Your blog is awesome. What amazing photos!!

  8. that second picture is absolutely breathtaking! love it.

  9. morrilaz

    Boy the guy in the second picture sure looks friendly!

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