IOWA: “The Posting Pattern of A Preoccupied Person” or “Someone Hasn’t Been Posting…

…and That Person Would Be Me”.

Even though I sit in the comfort of my cozy Iowa City apartment, I have been rather inattentive to our blogtacular endeavor in these recent weeks. Heck, I’ll even go as far to say that I have been pretty inattentive these last few months. There are many possible reasons why I have absconded from the realm of digital posting, deluges of time consuming homework, desires to avoid spending excessive time on the world wide web, my artistic energy being diverted to the creation of paintings, or simple forgetfulness. BUT YOU AND I BOTH KNOW THOSE ARE ALL PALTRY EXCUSES. When it comes to blogular attentiveness, this dude knows that he can do better. So WHAM BAM SLAM, here we go with some comic pages I’ve been working on for my Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Class:

Assignment: Personal Memoir Essay. Format: Comic (personal choice). Content: Escapism through the creation of superhero alter egos. Text: Coming soon.


5 responses to “IOWA: “The Posting Pattern of A Preoccupied Person” or “Someone Hasn’t Been Posting…

  1. Yay-you are back!!!!! Good work!

  2. yayyy!!!! these are looking awesome! can’t wait to see them when they’re all done!

  3. I agree! It is about time we heard from you Mr. Iowa!

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