IOWA: The Approaching Yuletide Season and an Abundance of Rappers


This blog is reaching the one year mark! The previous year seems to stretch into eternity, with our first humble posts on this blog being posted sometime before the fall of the Roman Empire. While our recent posts have been few and far between, looking back at the abundance (hey, there’s the word I used in the title) of posts we have generated throughout the year instill a sense of pride (but not to a seven deadly sinful level) for all of the work that we have accomplished. We began the year dedicated to posting a drawing and a photo everyday. Rain or snow there was to be something posted. After a few months we realized how intensive this task really was, but we kept on pushing through. When my co-bloginator and I parted continents, we turned our 365 day posting fest into a friendly competition between the artistic goings on in India and the artistic goings on in Iowa. As the semester came to a culmination, posting became increasingly tough cookies. No soft cookie mind you. In honor of approaching the one year mark, and in the giving spirit of the Holiday season, (and I have yet to consult Victoria on this one) I dedicate myself to finishing this year off with a BANG-O.

To get this Christmas Eve post going, here is a series of faces I illustrated on behalf of  a new magazine that will be appearing on the University of Iowa campus starting early next year! Check out Verum’s Twitter for more exciting info on this nuclear new mag!

Featured up above from left to right, reading book style: Questlove (of the Roots fame), CyHi the Prynce, J Dilla, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, and Big Sean



For those not in the know, Victoria has returned to the states! There shall be a number of committees and meetings to adress the now erroneous blog title.

Please bear with us.


2 responses to “IOWA: The Approaching Yuletide Season and an Abundance of Rappers

  1. Helen

    Very nice! We look forward to daily blogs until the end of the year!

  2. Thanks intended for offering this sort of good info.

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