IOWA: Our Pretty Previous POTUS

Former President George W. Bush wanted to stop by and say hello.


IOWA: A Very Merry Cartoon


Hope you have all had a day of food, drink, and pleasant familial interactions.

IOWA: The Approaching Yuletide Season and an Abundance of Rappers


This blog is reaching the one year mark! The previous year seems to stretch into eternity, with our first humble posts on this blog being posted sometime before the fall of the Roman Empire. While our recent posts have been few and far between, looking back at the abundance (hey, there’s the word I used in the title) of posts we have generated throughout the year instill a sense of pride (but not to a seven deadly sinful level) for all of the work that we have accomplished. We began the year dedicated to posting a drawing and a photo everyday. Rain or snow there was to be something posted. After a few months we realized how intensive this task really was, but we kept on pushing through. When my co-bloginator and I parted continents, we turned our 365 day posting fest into a friendly competition between the artistic goings on in India and the artistic goings on in Iowa. As the semester came to a culmination, posting became increasingly tough cookies. No soft cookie mind you. In honor of approaching the one year mark, and in the giving spirit of the Holiday season, (and I have yet to consult Victoria on this one) I dedicate myself to finishing this year off with a BANG-O.

To get this Christmas Eve post going, here is a series of faces I illustrated on behalf of  a new magazine that will be appearing on the University of Iowa campus starting early next year! Check out Verum’s Twitter for more exciting info on this nuclear new mag!

Featured up above from left to right, reading book style: Questlove (of the Roots fame), CyHi the Prynce, J Dilla, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, and Big Sean



For those not in the know, Victoria has returned to the states! There shall be a number of committees and meetings to adress the now erroneous blog title.

Please bear with us.

IOWA: Thanksgiving Break and a Fist Full of Paintings


IOWA: A Few Minutes Earlier

A Double Page Spread from my Personal Memoir Essay.

IOWA: An Unexplainable Love of Draperies

Inside my heart their beats an ardent love of painting draperies.

I wish people still dressed in the long flowing robes of yesteryear.

So much observational painting fodder it would provide.

(Painting in Progress)

IOWA: “The Posting Pattern of A Preoccupied Person” or “Someone Hasn’t Been Posting…

…and That Person Would Be Me”.

Even though I sit in the comfort of my cozy Iowa City apartment, I have been rather inattentive to our blogtacular endeavor in these recent weeks. Heck, I’ll even go as far to say that I have been pretty inattentive these last few months. There are many possible reasons why I have absconded from the realm of digital posting, deluges of time consuming homework, desires to avoid spending excessive time on the world wide web, my artistic energy being diverted to the creation of paintings, or simple forgetfulness. BUT YOU AND I BOTH KNOW THOSE ARE ALL PALTRY EXCUSES. When it comes to blogular attentiveness, this dude knows that he can do better. So WHAM BAM SLAM, here we go with some comic pages I’ve been working on for my Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Class:

Assignment: Personal Memoir Essay. Format: Comic (personal choice). Content: Escapism through the creation of superhero alter egos. Text: Coming soon.

IOWA: The Zombie Essay

In my Intro to Creative Nonfiction class we have been working with the personal essay and the multitude of forms that it can assume. We’ve read a number of sample readings ranging from just outside the normal to a tad more experimental. Our latest assignment was to create a small piece of personal writing based off one of the readings we had done over the weekend. Having read one entitled Zombie (written by Joyce Carol Oates), I was inspired to create a far more literal essay based around the concept of a zombie:

Basically my thinking went like this:

What would happen if at the tender age of five you were bitten by a zombie, but your life carried on exactly as it did, (save for the fact you were now a necrotic piece of flesh). None of your wounds would heal and your cells would not repair themselves. You would be left a walking billboard showcasing all the physical harm that had come your way throughout your life! Your entire body would be one big story!

Or better yet…a personal essay.

IOWA: A Lesson In Excessive Self-Portraiture

IOWA: The Most Dynamic of Duos

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