Ok, so I feel a little sad inside whenever I don’t have a groan-worthy title for my blog posts.  But: I do have some pretty pictures from Goa, India to show you (as well as some other neat-o ones coming soon from the rest of my month of travels.) I didn’t go as far north as some of my comrades did, as I chose to travel solely by train and bus over airplanes.  But my route was essentially Mysore-Mangalore-South Goa-South Mumbai-Udaipur-Johdpur- Jaisalmur- Jaipur (I spent the most time in Goa and Rajasthan, which is where Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisulmur where) and then back down through  Ahmedabad to north Mumbai, North Goa, Bangalore, and eventually Mysore.  I’ll say more on this when I’m back safe and sound (don’t worry mom/dad/grandparents, it will be soon!) But in the meantime here’s the glorious goa-tion ocean!


INDIA: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Upper Respiratory Infections

And also eat an entire jar of peanut butter with their fingers! Gross home-food cravings don’t happen often (I LOVE Indian food!) but when they do, they come with a vengeance.  Chips and nutella have already been outlawed as failsnack choices, and I’m pretty sure peanut butter just made the no-no list.

I finally went to the doctor this week! And low and behold, I’ve caught the black lung, pop. I’m alright though, a heavy dose of sketchy Indian antibiotics and I’m already feeling as good as new (don’t worry mom, they’re not really that sketchy. I did get some funky ayurvedic mint balm equivalent of vick’s vapor rub though. That makes me feel a bit too healthy for my own good, I think.)

Okay, so I don’t have the black lung.  But I do have an upper respiratory infection.  And bronchitis.  Aaaaand laryngitis.

But really, things aren’t so bad.  I’m feeling a lot better and quite productive! TIME TO KICK THESE PAPERS’ RESPECTIVE REARS!

I’m sitting at just about halfway-done for both of my 10 page papers and taking a little brain break. Before I go to sleep tonight, paper-y justice WILL be served.  I had a Kannada exam this morning, turned in my millionth and FINAL draft of my project proposal for the last month of the trip yesterday evening (more on that soon) have my final drum lesson tomorrow as well as an oral language exam, and leave for Goa/traveling TOMORROW EVENING.  I’m really hoping that the free time traveling will finally give me the breathing room to play with my camera a bit.  We’ve been horrendously busy, and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for cameratoria to play with her microphone/flash.  Hopefully I’ll have some sweeet things to post soon.

So, I’m leaving a quick update before I get sucked back into academia! And I will leave you with a fun picture or two, just for good measure.

IOWA: The Zombie Essay

In my Intro to Creative Nonfiction class we have been working with the personal essay and the multitude of forms that it can assume. We’ve read a number of sample readings ranging from just outside the normal to a tad more experimental. Our latest assignment was to create a small piece of personal writing based off one of the readings we had done over the weekend. Having read one entitled Zombie (written by Joyce Carol Oates), I was inspired to create a far more literal essay based around the concept of a zombie:

Basically my thinking went like this:

What would happen if at the tender age of five you were bitten by a zombie, but your life carried on exactly as it did, (save for the fact you were now a necrotic piece of flesh). None of your wounds would heal and your cells would not repair themselves. You would be left a walking billboard showcasing all the physical harm that had come your way throughout your life! Your entire body would be one big story!

Or better yet…a personal essay.

INDIA: New Post Coming Soon

I say this every post: but. This time I mean it! In the mean time here are some photographz from our north Karnataka Tour



IOWA: A Lesson In Excessive Self-Portraiture

IOWA: The Most Dynamic of Duos

INDIA: Tangerine Dream Team

I am writing this post as a positive procrastination technique for the two 10 page papers due come tuesday! I figure doing this is at least more productive than looking at pictures of kittens wearing hats. Speaking of which, special edition kitten pal post coming soon! Made a new kitten friend that lives in a box outside of our school.

BUT: more pertinently, yesterday we visited a Ram Krishna ahsram.  It’s a combo mega attack spirtual/education facility/hostel/all around nice person place! It was beautiful.  There were a lot of smile-y people in robes and a orange things!

IOWA: Portraiture

Self-Portrait Sketch Sans Glasses

Yet my eyes still managed to become bug-eyed without their magnifying properties…

With two painted self-portraits due this Monday I figured it would be pertinent to do a few practice sketches before cracking into the real deal! Speaking of cracking, there are a couple of hard-boiled eggs in my fridge that need eating. Originally they were going to serve as the third course of my hyper-hardy breakfast this morning, but like usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach and the leftover eggs soon found accommodation in plastic Tupperware.

PHOTO: Jake Vs. The World (And the World’s Tallest Monolithic/ Anatomically Correct Statue)

SCOUT’S HONOR I will post a new post soonishly soon! But I have been horrendously busy writing the midterm papers for my classes here (and procrastinating writing them) and have about a zillion photos to sift through.  BUT: until that day when papers have been finished, here are two photos from our trip to the temples I didn’t show you before!


Yesterday I climbed 700 steps into the clouds barefoot and saw the worlds tallest monolithic statue (carved out of a single rock) and some beeeeeeautiful temples with this good lookin’ crowd:

Our climb began down around those houses and ended maybe 40 steps above here! ^

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