IOWA: A Very Merry Cartoon


Hope you have all had a day of food, drink, and pleasant familial interactions.


Paul Gray as Gambit

Will Roberts as Cyclops

and Myself as Storm

Watch out Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, we’re coming for ya!

DRAW: Tyrannical Terror!

Despite their better judgement, Will Roberts and Paul Gray of Paperback Radio decided to bring a fully grown Tyrannosaurus Rex to the present day. They thought it would be docile, even friendly. But oh how they were regretting their decision when the T-Rex fled from the radio station to begin attacking downtown Iowa City! Looks like it will be up to the Scarf, Iowa City’s very own scarfed crusader, to put a stop to this prehistoric predator!

DRAW: Ben 10

If there is one thing you must know about me than let it be that I love the kid’s television series, Ben 10.

For those of you that don’t keep up with the series, (I’m sure this is but a few of you), the story focuses on a boy named Ben Tennyson who, with the help of a watch like device, has the ability to turn into a plethora of aliens. When the show first came on I decided to draw the aliens and post them on an online art community website, DeviantArt. There, they were met with great enthusiasm and garnered a surprisingly large fanbase. After drawing the aliens themselves I started to create “Super Soldiers” based off of the aliens. It was quite fun and everyone seemed to get a kick out of them.

It has been 2 or so years since I last drew any Ben 10 Super Soldiers and figured it was time to draw some more.

Blast from the Past

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