IOWA: Our Pretty Previous POTUS

Former President George W. Bush wanted to stop by and say hello.


DRAW: Authorship

The (working) author’s page for my upcoming graphic novel! Slowly but surely all the pieces begin to fall into place…

DRAW: Sketches in Transit

Vacations are fun.

But sometimes traveling to and from one’s destination can be a pain in the butt. You spend long sleepless hours idly sitting near airport gates, hours crammed between women with nervous ticks and men who think it would be hilarious to have one of your characters have an iPad, and better yet adding on additional hours when a flight gets postponed due to temperamental storms. However, all of these little grievances can be alleviated with the help of pen and ink.

Above are four pages of drawings done in my ~17 hour return trip to Iowa.

DRAW: Movement Into Purple

So far I have used up three colored pencils working on these rough drafts:

-Dark Brown (x2)-


and now Purple shall experience the same fate…

DRAW: A Writhing Wake

“It’s been a bad day on the sea for the fishermen of Devonian Cove

DRAW: Darn Those Infernal Inks!

Another late night post. Curse me and this INFERNal procrastionation. Oh well, I suppose it’s like the old saying goes: “Good things come to those who wait.” A lesson in patience if I ever hear one one. And boy have I heard some that’s for sure! Why just the other day a man on the street stopped me and asked if I knew the way to Witchita Street. I looked at him and had to inform him that I had simply (and quite absolutely) no idea where that street was. He frowned, turned on his heels and ran off the other way. Anywho, ramble ramble ramble.

Just got done writing a Spanish Paper. This Drawing is for the same class.



DRAW: Reign of Terror!

Bow down before your righteous King! Bow down before the one who has succeeded the former mayor and city cabinet! Bow down before the one who controls the food and water! Feel the terror as the King of Town comes reigning down upon you!

Better hope you brought your umbrella.

DRAW: My Father the Movie Watcher

A quick, digital sketch of my father enjoying a delightfully bad Friday night movie.

It’s good to be home on Spring Break!

DRAW: The Scarf and Friends!

The King of Town: Feudal ruler of a post-apocalyptic city, governs a body of robotic noblemen, and peasant henchmen!

The Scarf, The Coat, The Driver, and The Gunner: Four vigilante heroes dedicated to eradicating the rapacious rule of the cruelest of Kings!



The nefarious King of Town squares off against the vigilante superhero, The Coat!

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