IOWA: Thanksgiving Break and a Fist Full of Paintings



DRAW: A Lil’ Late for Easter!

Just because Easter is over and done with doesn’t mean an end to sweet treats, toothaches, and demented Marshmallow Rabbits!*

*(some areas remain unfinished as this is a “work in progress”)

DRAW: Fish-Dude

Half man. Half fish. All around good guy!

DRAW: The Death of Batman! (is underway…)

And so the reimagination of The Death of Socrates continues! Some work remains, but is well on its way to being complete…

Check out the humble beginnings of the above painting!

DRAW: Fired Up!

I like to think of this painting as a metaphor for how hot I am.

Yeah, that sounds good.

DRAW: Socrates, May He Rest in Peace

For my Painting I class we were tasked with analyzing a classic piece of art work. We broke a “masterwork” down to its key components and drew the organizational lines to better get a better idea of the perspective and composition utilized in the drawing. After breaking it down, we will then reorganize the key parts, and make a painting of our very own based around this reconfiguration. Sounds fun!

I chose The Death of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David.

DRAW: Mr. Banana Squid

Even though Mr. Banana Squid possesses an affinity for all undersea tentapoids, those tentacled terrors don’t always return the love…

DRAW: Painted Portraiture

The Left: A burnt sienna under-painting working as a value study for the forthcoming colors.

The Right: Final rendering with colors and increased contrast between areas of light and dark.

Created for my painting class this semester in which we had to paint four different paintings, all depicting the face or head in some way. Originally, I was going to do all of them (like the one above) via photo reference. However, when it came time to put the paint to the paper, I decided to use the ol’ imagination machine (my brain) and paint the “Aztec” deities I’ve been drawing.

DRAW: Painted Prophets

I was having such fun drawing these guys, I thought: “Why not go ahead and paint them!”

DRAW: The Painted Owl

Another addition in my ever growing collection of painted superheroes.

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