IOWA: A Few Minutes Earlier

A Double Page Spread from my Personal Memoir Essay.


DRAW: TentaStab!

This is what happens when giant cephalopods try to ensnare the scarfed hero, THE SCARF!

DRAW: The Tentacles Keep on Coming!

As the inking and shading process gets underway, I predict there will be a lot of posts involving just that.

DRAW: Splash Page

There have been great goings on in the world of Ben Mackey comic making!

Thursday the 23rd marked the arrival of the printed and bound rough drafts of TOWN. Upon said arrival I jumped with joy and expressed all sorts of elation. Later that night I spent five hours finishing off the rough draft of the script. Friday the 24th saw the script fully typed and copied for a group reading sometime this weekend.

Today marks the beginning of the inking and shading process (see above).

It will be long, it will be challenging, but it shall be FUN!

DRAW: What’s that? ROBOTS?!

That’s right masked vigilantes, those Noblebots are on to you! But fret not! Due to rather shoddy programming and less than perfect hand-eye-motor processors, they shall be no match for your cat flinging fancies and scarf wielding whiplashery!

DRAW (Papercraft): The Scarf!

More Scarf based art! Or, as some would have it called: Scart.

Victoria, my co-blogger and best friend extraordinaire, gave me a wonderful book full of 50 DIY papertoy monsters for Valentine’s Day this year. Running the gambit between rastafarian zombies to graphically appealing closet dwelling insects, the designs offer up countless hours of constructing fun. However, perhaps even cooler than all those monsters (though, the jury is still out on account of how cool the monsters are) is the 10 blank papertoy templates in the back of the book. What you see above is The Scarf adapted to one of these blank templates!*

*This remains a work in progress. I still need to add the flowing scarf.

DRAW: Sequential Art!

Who would dare interrupt the King of Town‘s royal procession? Why, none other than those two scarfed and coated crusaders, The Scarf and The Coat!

DRAW: The Scarf and Friends!

The King of Town: Feudal ruler of a post-apocalyptic city, governs a body of robotic noblemen, and peasant henchmen!

The Scarf, The Coat, The Driver, and The Gunner: Four vigilante heroes dedicated to eradicating the rapacious rule of the cruelest of Kings!


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