IOWA: A Very Merry Cartoon


Hope you have all had a day of food, drink, and pleasant familial interactions.


IOWA: A Few Minutes Earlier

A Double Page Spread from my Personal Memoir Essay.

IOWA: Let the Adventure Begin!

Honeycrisp. Red Delicious.

They are but two of the Apple Adventurers, sworn into a brotherhood of the utmost secrecy. They have existed ever since Eve took a bite of that forbidden fruit, a brotherhood strengthened by the seeds spread by Johnny Appleseed, a team working for the government organization known as M.O.T.T. to protect the world from all threats apple and domestic.

DRAW: TentEscape

WOAH! That was a close one!

DRAW: Splash Page

There have been great goings on in the world of Ben Mackey comic making!

Thursday the 23rd marked the arrival of the printed and bound rough drafts of TOWN. Upon said arrival I jumped with joy and expressed all sorts of elation. Later that night I spent five hours finishing off the rough draft of the script. Friday the 24th saw the script fully typed and copied for a group reading sometime this weekend.

Today marks the beginning of the inking and shading process (see above).

It will be long, it will be challenging, but it shall be FUN!

DRAW: The Green Lantern

My family and I celebrated a Faux-Father’s day today. Come tomorrow morning (the real day in which the rest of the country honors their respective fathers) I will be headed back to Iowa City once again. Our family will be torn asunder and thusly unable to engage in those activities that normally constitute a solid Dia de Padre: i.e video games, restaurant food, board games, movies (both home and theater), and an excellent amount of hanging around. However, today we were able to accomplish all of those things.

The movie we went to see today, as you have already guessed, was GREEN LANTERN!

(Those with a discerning eye might notice a startling similarity between this promotional poster for the movie and the above drawing!)

DRAW: Authorship

The (working) author’s page for my upcoming graphic novel! Slowly but surely all the pieces begin to fall into place…

DRAW: Interior Spaces

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: The rough drafts of my comic are officially complete!

They number fifty-six and currently reside in the memory banks of my laptop waiting to be inked. However, before all that inking business goes down, I am turning my attention to the interior pages that come before the actual comic itself (you know, the pages with titles, dedications, and all that official book mumbo-jumbo). Above is the page you will see when you first open up the comic. If all goes according to “schedule” viewing of said comic should be possible by the end of the summer!

DRAW: Safety First

The scanner is really far away from my room. Located on the ground floor, the scanner is a treacherous walk littered with leather furniture waiting to explode, kitchen table composed of the deadliest chemicals known to man, stairs with a thin coating of black ice on every step, and a basement filled with noxious spores away. If I had the courage and stamina to make that trek, you would be able to bear witness to a higher resolution post. Luckily, PhotoBooth provides a quick and non-dangerous means of sharing my artistic love with all you webspace watchers!

DRAW: Cover(?)


Some potential cover art for my upcoming graphic novel endeavor…

I would love to hear any and all comments and suggestions you might have!

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